MeSDA Annual Conference

15 November 2002

Best Practices [Powerpoint Presentation]

Keeping our eyes open and honestly evaluating our efforts are the two best practices which are central to good software development. In this session, Jesse and Christian will detail some of the best practices they find useful in their work. Jesse will describe how to get the best value from a postmortem analysis of a project. Christian will share three tips for better software development: document, enforce, and review.

First Principles: Christian Ratliff, DeLorme
Post-mortem Analysis: Jesse Chunn, Standard IO (original presentation)

Put the User Back in UI Design [Powerpoint Presentation]

Too many user interfaces look great as a demonstration, but are not really usable for those people who must work with them. In this session you will learn how to work with end users in the system design and development process to ensure that the resulting systems are truly functional, and that they implement a well-understood model of the user's world. Arthur Fink draws on his experience in organization consulting, cognitive psychology, humanistic training, and commercial photography to present a model of user-centered system development.

Arthur Fink, Arthur Fink Consulting

Java vs. C# [Powerpoint Presentation]

A business and technology related contrast of Java to C#. Where do they stand with documentation quality or size of the third-party library market? The speakers will share some of their experiences gleaned from hands on experience and spark a lively discussion of the contest between JAVA and C# in software development.

C#: Paul Stubbs, UNUMProvident, (original presentation)
Java: Jeff Hoffman, Starlit Software,

Christian Ratliff / / 13 November 2002, 2:34 pm