Tandy's Pregnancy

I may not be Demi Moore, but I still felt beautiful during pregnancy. This was the result of one external and one internal influence. The first was simply my husband telling me how great my tummy was, and getting really excited about my bellybutton popping out. So his enthusiasm for me, the pregnancy and the life we were creating together, helped me feel beautiful. The second thing which made pregnancy memorable was holding another life inside of me, and taking caring for it until it is ready to come out. It is something that only women can do. While pregnant I was taking part in one of the most powerful things a woman can do. Yes, women can do some amazing things, but most of them men can do also. This is the one thing really only women can do.

My pregnancy was one of the most incredible events in my life, but nothing will ever touch the experience of giving birth to my daughter.

Tandy E. A. Ratliff / tpring@lily.org / 20 August 1996